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Melodies of MSU | February 19, 2009

Who out there believes classical concerts are just a good and important as rock, ska, or rap?

MSU is certainly a good stage for the indie, local, rock, and alternative scene, but is also host to international classical music, and the occasional a cappella show.

The Tokyo String Quartet played a concert at the Wharton Center on Friday the 13th of February. The quartet of seasoned professional string players moved the crowd with their emotional performance, according to spartanedge‘s editor-in-chief.

For those of you that missed the performance, it’s not too late to see another great worldly performance at the Wharton Center.

Upcoming Performances:
Up until a couple days ago, African Footprint, was to be performed at the Wharton Center. As of right now the Wharton Center’s site writes that the show is canceled. The show is a history of South Africa, told through Afro- and Euro-centric song and dance. The show has been performed since 1999 in front of many influential people, such as:  Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton, and Prince Charles.

Thursday February 26th. The Artist as World Theater: The Foreign Language Learner as an Artist. This is a lecture, not a musical performance that will be held in room 201 of the international center at noon.


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