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Is the drug war Mexico’s problem? | March 28, 2009

I want to draw your attention to the drug war being dueled out in Mexican cities. The story made headline news in yesterday’s edition of the New York Times. (Here’s the online article) This sparked a wave of other publications, but perhaps now that this is making it’s way to the top of Obama’s agenda, it’s getting more buzz. Needless to say, the president has many other issues to deal with, but this is one involving lives of Mexicans, and potential military action from the states – which I fear is one of the biggest concerns on the state-side of the battle. Obama is quoted as saying, “I think if one U.S. citizen is killed because of foreign nationals who are engaging in violent crime, that’s enough of a concern to do something about it.” That is what could get him to finally send troops to the dangerous areas, but why is one American death enough to push Obama over the edge to act, considering more than 7,000 people have already died since approximately January of 2007.
7,000 people!

Where was Bush on this issue? Building a wall between Mexico and the states to stop this. So was this wall effective? Perhpas it’s curtailed illegal immigration, but any immigrant desperate enough will find a way over. It’s scary to think that construction of the wall was just under discussion, now it’s real. Haven’t we always been taught in history courses that the roll of studying history is to learn from past mistakes? Does this wall between Mexico and the states remind anyone else of the Berlin Wall or the Iron Curtain?

The saddest part is that America’s mostly at fault, in my opinion. Americans are the ones who have created the demand for Mexican drugs, and mexicans are the ones killed for it. Our demand together with the capability of paying for drugs, increase illegal smugglings, and eventually dangerous shootouts.

Which brings me to my next point, that not only are Americans funding the dollars for drugs, but the guns that killed so many. Guns from our side of the border are traded for drugs, then end up turning on other smugglers on Mexico’s side.

I admire both Obama and Mexican president, Felipe Calderon’s, efforts to keep peace between the two countries despite a civil war in Mexico caused by the United States. I’m glad Obama is speeding this issue to the front of his agenda, and stepping in to represent his people, be they drug addicts or not.

The only question that remains in my mind is, was this fueled by the recession in the states (and now in Mexico as well). Where did all these addicts get their drugs before they started demanding so much from Mexico? Did American dealers jack up their prices along with inflation? Or did the DEA just do such a good job of cleaning them up?


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