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A long-standing grudge

November 4, 2009
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Why hasn’t the USA lifted the trade embargo on Cuba yet? Besides a few recent mentions, there was much more talk of opening up borders in the beginnings of the Obama administration. They seemed so focused on international issues at first, but perhaps they’re too busy with health care now to finish what’s been started.

I was so optomistic about Cuba in the beginning of the year. I went so far as to think up of starting my own ferry business between the coasts of Cuba and the USA, as long as I can learn Spanish in by that time. 😉

I got to thinking, why is this something that’s still in effect when we could open up routes for trade and business with our southern neighbor? Keep in mind, America is the one with the embargo on Cuba; Cubans can still purchase American goods. Perhaps Obama’s administration decided it was too detrimental to a lousy economy to be given another outlet in which to spend their money.

I came up with some pros and cons.

Reasons to lift the embargo: This is a childhood grudge that one president had against another dictator.
The US claims Cuba has human rights issues it needs to address, but so does Turkey and we still trade with them.
It’s a beautiful country made popular by the movie Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights and I’d like to see it! Just make traveling there a whole lot easier.
It would enable families who haven’t seen each other in years to visit as often as money affords.

Cons: Null


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